The Drip Torch Baby Killers are at it again...

Armed with fully loaded drip torches and a cold-blooded attitude the U.S. Forest Service is continuing their annual campaign of death against our innocent children. Using drip torches and fire bombs, they are spreading prescribed fire and toxic smoke across the United States. EPA studies show that wood smoke kills children but officials don't seem to care as long as they can burn enough to meet their budgetary goals.

EPA studies clearly show that prescribed burn smoke is harmful to children and government agencies have a statutory duty to protect public health, but that is not happening. Instead, the U.S. Forest Service continues burning thousands of acres daily while their officials harass and intimidate anti smoke website owners with vulgar intimidating emails and their employees laugh and joke about injuries to children and animals on forestry blogs and forums. One official recently stated that "wrapping the children's heads in Saran Wrap will prevent inhaling the smoke." Another official called concerned parents "jerks" and "rabid mothers." While some cold hearted forestry officials laugh and joke about the smoke injuries to our helpless children, others argue that forest health is more important than human health and tell concerned parents to move if they don't like the smoke. The firemen that were once thought of as heroes are becoming known as baby killers.  

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In early 2007, the Forest Service began burning thousands of forest acres per day while letting wildfires burn themselves out. The combination fires emit millions of tons of toxic smoke into the air that lingers over populated areas killing plants, animals, children and elderly people. The toxic smoke contains more than 4,000 harmful chemicals including tiny dagger shaped smoke particles that go deep into the child's lungs and blood stream causing unexpected infant mortality. People have complained for months but state environmental agencies and U.S. Forest Service officials do not listen. The agencies turn a deaf ear to public health concerns while Forest Service officials continue laughing about it on their blogs and forums.

Simply put, prescribed burn smoke is toxic wood smoke that is extremely hazardous to children. Wood smoke particles range in sizes but the smaller ones are the most dangerous. Approximately 80 to 90 percent of wood smoke particles are 2.5 microns or smaller (not much larger than a germ - see the chart below). EPA studies show that the tiny dagger shaped particles are particularly harmful to children because they are so small that they go deep into the child's lungs damaging airway cells causing bronchitis, pneumonia and premature death. While some of the jagged particles lodge in the child's lungs, others pass through the lungs into the blood stream attacking vital organs causing psychological disorders, nervous system damage, brain damage and death without warning. EPA studies also show that wood smoke can prevent proper development unborn fetuses and proper development of internal organs in infant children.

Microscopic view of dagger shaped smoke particles.


Chart showing smoke particle size compared to other elements.

Substance Micro-meters (microns) Inch
Smoke Particles 2.5 microns 0.00009in
Bacteria (average) 2.0 microns 0.00008 in
Red Blood Cell 8.0 microns 0.0003 in
White Blood Cell 25 microns 0.001 in
Human Hair 70 microns 0.003 in
Grain of Table Salt 100 microns 0.004 in

80 to 90% of wood smoke particles are smaller than 2.5 microns


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